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23 Perfectly Timed Shots

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Photography is all about capturing the moment but sometimes you get lucky, or have planned out your shot to absolute perfection.  In these cases you get some photographs with perfect timing, being in the right place at the right time with the right eye to push the shutter.  Enjoy these 23 perfectly timed shots.

Where there's water, there's life

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Photo by Garry – www.visionandimaginatio n.com

Chris & Jessica Engagement - Falling

Photo by Auzigog

Single Jowler, Looking for Female, Any Takers?

Photo by nhuisman

''no need to worry, i will pour some milk in your coffee'' says [who?]

Photo by pfv.

Flying Milk

Photo by Chaval Brasil

Solar Wind

Photo by orvaratli

Bad Music

Photo by Chaval Brasil

Glass smash with liquid

Photo by whisperwolf

Oops, there goes the camera!

Photo by jesse.millan

Bodies In Motion with Cylla von Tiedemann

Photo by dpnsan

Photo By lushable_2008

Photo By jasonclarke_bb


Photo by R'eyes

The moment

Photo by aftab.

Cascade Head

Photo by me-2007

The wave and the dog

Photo by anguila40 / Alejandro Groenewold Very busy . Sorry

Força na perna

Photo by Eduardo Amorim


Photo by zachstern

Trocando de ponta

Photo by Eduardo Amorim


Photo by Rev Dan Catt

"This won't hurt a bit"

Photo by pochacco20

#446 ???? (Pup! Watch Out!)

Photo by John&Fish

Hofbrauhaus Catastrophe

Photo by blakesamic

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