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25 Spooky and Creepy Black and White Photos

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Black and white photography has always had an appeal and is often referred to as more artsy.  I don't know why, maybe the lack of color and increased attention to contrast makes black and white photos more broadly appealing, but this set of 25 are just plain spooky.

York Minster in the Fog

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Photo by karlequin

Spooky Chateau Frontenac

Photo by HuTDoG83

point reyes

Photo by dotpolka

Desolate Landscape

Photo by Caro Wallis

2007-01-18  At the moment of the nuclear blast...

Photo by [ henning ]


Photo by Michelle Jones UK

Snow storm over central Oslo

Photo by macrorain (sigberg)

Do I Dare?

Photo by stephcarter


Photo by EJP Photo

#79 monochrome spooky

Photo by slimmer_jimmer

Photo blank

Photo by MSH*

The Ravens of cemetery Sihlfeld.

Photo by Bad curtain from hell

Frozen Pond

Photo by davidjwbailey

The cemetery at night (II)

Photo by quas

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....Jason's neighborhood, that is... (friday the 13th part II)

Photo by jmtimages


Photo by mistress_f

winterscape #6

Photo by mugley


Photo by ici et ailleurs


Photo by Ohm17

Photo by ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser

Not a straight angle in the place

Photo by [email protected]

where's wally?

Photo by cactusmelba

Do you want 2 play a little game?

Photo by [email protected]

Back stairs

Photo by elusive_fish

spider silhouette in B&W

Photo by tiffa130

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