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29 Very Cool Photography Articles, Photos and Blogs from This Week

A diverse community of photographers exists on the internet and we are happy to share a list of some of the best links to tutorials, blogs and incredible photography found this week online.  Toad Hollow Photography searches a series of sources online to bring you the coolest photography links of the week.  
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Home Is A Fire[/url] by Jack Louis Batchelor[/url], on Flickr

Tips On Shooting An Event – Part 2 of 2 – this second part of a brief series of tips is very helpful for those who are invited to an event to photograph it.  Some real-world tips here can really help make for a successful outing.
Encore Lights – Jim Denham shows us an image showcasing some fabulous architecture in Las Vegas.  He also shares with us some real-world feedback on a few of the Tamron lens he has tried out lately.
How To Shoot Glass – Alex Koloskov takes us on a totally in-depth look at how to shoot subjects made of glass.  Complete with details on lighting topography, this tutorial is sure to teach everyone something new about this particular style of photography.
Mrs Scissorhands – Shoot Anatomy – a compelling and fascinating look at the methods and procedures used to create a very dramatic and compelling image.  An extremely in-depth look at a really creative shoot with some fabulous imagery to enjoy.

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by Boudewijn Berends[/url], on Flickr

One Great Frog – one of our very own Light Stalking members shares an incredible photograph of a little frog.  Sure, we might be partial to amphibians in general, but this picture is absolutely without peer.
A wonderful series of images with an accompanying blog that describes a now abandoned city Kolmanskop.  In 1954, this city was left to Mother Nature and the sands of the desert have slowly infiltrated all the buildings.
In The Pond – Barbara Youngleson shows off one of her latest artistic creations, a most wonderful collage of toads all brought together into one truly amazing image.
Shacking Up – Jason shows us a wonderful old abandoned building, with a bunch of details and textures to enjoy!  Abandonded and neglected items really make for wonderful photographic subjects.
A Stunning Sunrise – Jerry Denham shares with us an absolutely fabulous sunrise photo.  A slight mist sits over the lake creating a dreamy and mystical sense for us all to enjoy.
The Best Vegas – Jim Denham showcases a very colorful photo taken in Las Vegas.  An early morning sunrise drapes over some of the incredible architecture that makes up the city of Las Vegas and provides us a wonderful image to enjoy,
Street Art & Graffiti – check out this absolutely amazing series of images taken in the UK of some jaw-droppingly incredible graffiti art.  Viveca shows us all a taste of some of these great artworks with some stylized photographs.
Have A Pepsi Day – Mark Garbowski shares a wonderful image of a famous Pepsi-Cola sign in Long Island.  Great colors and tones here, along with selective focus, really helps to create a dramatic and compelling image.
Sunset at Eilean Donan Castle – this colorful and moody image of a castle deep in the heart of Scotland will take your breath away, guaranteed.  The colors and composition in this shot make it one of the best castle shots I’ve seen in a long time.
Doug Keech shares with us some of his favorite and absolutely incredible landscape photography.
10 Creepiest Abandoned Morgues on Earth – a dark but somehow completely compelling series of images of abandoned morgues.
Painted In Praha – this wonderful photo taken inside a church really shows off the beauty of the architectural details of this gorgeous location.
RCPL Revisited – a wonderful architectural study of curving lines through great composition of a staircase.
Fallen – Rich Helmer shows us a fabulous fallen tree that sits on the edge of the world, it seems.  A gorgeous and colorful landscape shot to be enjoyed by all.
Anchorage Evening – a wonderful look at the cityscape of Anchorage Alaska!  Taken from the window of a local hotel, this unique shot really gives us a brief glimpse into life in a big Alaska city.
Polaris Over Cannon Beach – this long exposure night time shot really shows off the effect you can make with extended exposures.  Shot in almost complete dark, the camera sees much more than our eyes do and the results are truly breathtaking!
Drive On In! – Rachel Cohen shares an excellent image of a drive-in restaurant processed in B&W.  The resulting effect is very reminiscent of a typical 50's scene, yet is juxtaposed with distinctly modern elements.
Harrisburg Covered Bridge – Michael Lewis Glover shares with us this week an absolutely wonderful photograph of one of only 4 covered bridges in Tennessee.  This gorgeous and colorful image is really a wonder to behold.
Moraine Lake Reflection – water reflections can add so much interest and visual magnetism to an image, and this incredible photo of Moraine Lake in the Banff National Park is breath-taking.
Another Place – this image is a totally emotional photograph showing 1 of 100 cast iron figures installed on Crosby Beach.  The B&W processing used produces an absolutely astonishing picture.
Dawn Of Winter – Nate Zeman brings us a wonderfully beautiful landscape photo taken in Colorado of Elk as winter approaches.  This image is absolutely crystal clear and really gives the viewer a strong sense of scale.
Sunday, Peaceful Sunday – every Sunday Heather Neil usually shares a singular image with no accompanying words.  These images are typically very strong images that can stand on their own, and this Sunday’s post was no exception.

Almost Midnight[/url] by imvern[/url], on Flickr

60 Excellent Examples of Forced Perspective Photography – a great blog post with 60 examples of really different photography work.  Whether or not it’s to your particular taste, this series of images will surely amaze and delight everyone.
Where Children Sleep – a new photobook expose shared on the NY Times blog site showcases children and their rooms from around the world.  A real wonderful glimpse into childhood and growing up, this photoblog is well worth the time to view.
HDR Cookbook – Before-and-After – The Complete List – this stunning set of HDR images is linked in a manner that allows you to see the before and after comparisons of the HDR process.  Klaus also shares via some of his Flickr posts post-processing tips, tricks and techniques that are invaluable if you wish to dig a little further.

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